Irish Youth National Baseball Player Will Visit Rhode Island on July 26

14-­Year Old From County Meath Will Join Slocum Baseball Club

Slocum, Rhode Island – ­July 15, 2014 – ­ 14­-year old Liam Shier loves to play baseball, just like most American kids his age, but Liam isn’t from the United States. He lives in Ireland, a country where baseball is far from the national pastime.

Liam, who lives in County Meath, Ireland, will be joining the Slocum Baseball Club for one game at Lischio Field on July 26 at 10am. Lischio Field is located on Indian Corner Road in Slocum, Rhode Island (Google Maps).

Liam’s visit to Rhode Island is part of the Baseball United Foundation’s Player Exchange Program, which brings talented international youth baseball players to America, to help them learn the game through advanced instruction from professionals.

The Baseball United Foundation was created by documentary filmmaker John Fitzgerald.  Headquartered in New York, the Foundation raises funds to develop the sport abroad. The non­profit has contributed to the development of Ireland’s first ballpark and regularly sends equipment and American coaches to Ireland to hold youth baseball clinics there.

Liam, who has been playing baseball since he was 9 years old, was selected to come to America by Baseball Ireland, the governing body of amateur baseball in Ireland. He will spend one week in the US and he will be accompanied by his father, David Shier, who is also passionate about the sport.

“The people of Rhode Island ­­ especially the Slocum Baseball Club ­­ have always been big supporters of Baseball Ireland, so we really wanted to make sure they were involved in this project,” explained Baseball United Foundation founder John Fitzgerald. “We can’t thank people like Ed Cooney Jr., Michael Mariani and Fran McCrossan enough for their help in putting this together.”

“The relationship between the Slocum Baseball Club and Baseball Ireland goes back to the late 1990s,” explained Slocum Baseball Club Executive Fran McCrossan. “Many great people have put in alot of time and effort to build this relationship and this is a great way to show people that all of those efforts have led to kids like Liam playing baseball and loving the game throughout Ireland.”

After spending a week of training in New York and Rhode Island, Liam will return home to Ireland, where he plays shortstop for the Irish Youth National Team, to share the new skills he has learned.

“I’m very happy for the opportunity to improve my baseball skills in America,” explained Liam by phone from his family’s home in Ireland. “I hope to make new friends and learn some new baseball skills that I can teach to my friends and teammates here in Ireland.”

“The players are very excited to welcome our third Liam to the team” said Manager Mariani “I’m sure he’ll be a great addition, if only for a single game.”

Baseball has been played in Ireland since the early 1990s. Today, over 500 youth and adult players participate in the sport throughout Ireland. In addition, Ireland’s Youth and Adult National Teams participate in European competition.

About the Baseball United Foundation

The Baseball United Foundation is a 501c3 organization based in New York. The foundation assists teams, leagues, and players in countries where the game of baseball is relatively new. In January 2014, the foundation sent 1,000 lbs. of baseball equipment to Ireland, along with professional coaches, to conduct a series of baseball clinics for kids.


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