Small Ball Baseball for Beginners

The Baseball United Foundation is teaming up with the Town of Mt. Pleasant, NY, to provide baseball instruction to five and six-year old players. The clinics will run in four week intervals, beginning in early September. The clinics will follow the Small Ball instructional method.

What is Small Ball?

Our Small Ball instructional program teaches the game in a fun way that builds confidence. Kids will gain an understanding of how the game works while developing sport-specific skills of hitting, fielding, and throwing.

Our program teaches the game by breaking it down into five areas:

  1. Teamwork
  2. Baserunning
  3. Hitting
  4. Fielding
  5. Throwing

Players advance within these skill areas at their own pace, according to experience and skill level. We use a variety of tools — batting tees, plastic bats and balls, soccer balls, and more!

Small Ball is perfect for players who recently completed their first season of Tee Ball or Coach Pitch. Beginners are also welcome.