Memphis East High School Baseball Team

Members of the baseball team at Memphis East High School.

The Baseball United Foundation has collected and shipped donated baseball equipment to support Memphis East High School’s new baseball program. Items were collected with the help of baseball programs in Westchester County, NY.

Restarting the Baseball Program at Memphis East High School

Officials at East High School in Memphis recently decided to restart the school’s baseball program. Although there is strong interest among students, the program has very little equipment. Items like baseball helmets and practice balls are not easy to come by with limited time and resources. In fact, several players don’t have their own baseball gloves because they haven’t played in a few years or more.

We saw an opportunity to help, so we contacted several coaches in the local baseball community to see what we could find. As usual, these coaches went out of their way to find equipment that was in great condition and they helped us raise funds necessary to ship the equipment from New York to Tennessee!

We recently completed our project to support the newly created baseball program at East High School in Memphis,…

Posted by Baseball United Foundation on Thursday, February 20, 2020

Special thanks to those who went out of their way to track down suitable used equipment that was still in great condition:

  • Coach Gene Sheible and the Westchester Community College baseball team
  • Coach Darren Gurney of Rising Star Baseball Camp
  • Coaches Ken Santoianni and John Schrader and the Briarcliff High School baseball team
  • Coaches Vin Malzahn and Eric Helmrich of Hardball Training Center

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