Baseball Exchange Program

We share the game of baseball by sending coaches and equipment overseas and by bringing talented young players to the USA for advanced coaching and instruction.
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The Baseball Exchange Program

The Baseball Exchange program was created to support youth baseball organizations by providing support that is adaptable to the needs of each program.

Donated Baseball Equipment

The scarcity and expense of baseball equipment can limit the success of youth baseball programs. We address this problem by collecting donated equipment and shipping it to where it is needed. 

Coaching and Instruction

We have developed several innovative ways to provide coaching and instruction to developing baseball programs.

  •  Bringing young baseball players to America for baseball clinics, camps, and one-on-one instruction
  • Sending experienced baseball coaches overseas to run baseball camps and clinics
  • Providing remote video instruction to players and volunteer coaches, to maximize our impact in a cost effective way

Organization and Logistical Support

 Baseball United assists in the organization of teams and leagues whenever possible.


Testimonials: The Baseball Exchange Program

“I was delighted to be picked by Baseball United Foundation for the opportunity to receive some top quality baseball training in New York. The coaching I received was first class, and when I came back to Ireland it showed in my game.
“I am now on the Irish National Team and loving every minute of it. I help with the coaching on our Little League Team, and I enjoy passing on what I’ve been taught to them.
“Thanks again to Baseball United Foundation, and all the coaches and people involved with them, who spent time with me and helped me out during my visit.”
Liam Shier

County Meath, Ireland, 2014

“I’d like to thank The Baseball United Foundation for giving kids like me opportunities to participate in baseball camps and further improve their baseball skills. I truly enjoyed my time at the baseball camp and have brought back the skills and techniques learnt from the coaches which will help the progress of baseball in Ireland.”

Paul Carey

County Meath, Ireland, 2015

“American Friends of Kenya is delighted to partner with the Baseball United Foundation in promoting youth baseball and softball in Kenya. During 2016, we included the Foundation’s kind donation of baseball equipment and supplies in our annual ocean freight shipment.”

Wayne Silver

American Friends of Kenya, 2016

“Having the opportunity to go over this past summer to work with Irish Little Leaguers and players on the Irish National Baseball Team helped me remember why I love baseball so much. These young players have a pure passion to learn the game of baseball and to compete. Every player came ready to play, learn, and to overall have fun. I’m excited to see how these young players develop over the years.”

Eric Helmrich

Baseball Coach, 2017

Timeline: The Baseball Exchange Program

Timeline: Baseball Exchange Program


  • Shipped donated equipment and organized baseball clinics in Limerick and Ashbourne, Ireland, in partnership with Baseball Miracles.
  • Brought 14-year old baseball player Liam Shier from Ireland to America for advanced instruction and games.


  • Brought 17-year old Paul Carey from Ireland to America to attend Nike Baseball Camp.
  • Shipped donated equipment to Baseline, a youth baseball organization, in Nigeria.


  • Shipped baseball equipment to youth team in West Clare, Ireland.
  • Shipped 100 lbs of baseball equipment to Dublin, Ireland.
  • Provided remote video instruction to youth baseball players in Cavan, Ireland.
  • Shipped donated baseball equipment to our partner, Pitch In For Baseball.
  • Sent coach American baseball coach Eric Helmrich to Ashbourne, Ireland, to run a youth baseball camp and to work individually with younger members of the Irish National Baseball Team.
  • Shipped 500 lbs of equipment to Kenya, via our partner, American Friends of Kenya.
  • Provided remote video instruction for a 17-year-old catcher in Ashbourne, Ireland.
  • Provided video instruction for a 15-year old pitcher from Cavan, Ireland.
  • Shipped baseball equipment to the Royal School in Cavan, Ireland.
  • Shipped donated baseball gloves to Belfast Baseball Academy.


  • Brought 17-year old Fionn Gallaher-Hall to America to attend a Nike Baseball Camp.
  • Started and managed all operations for the Under-18 Irish Junior National Baseball Team at the team’s historic gold medal performance at the European Qualifier Tournament in Zurich, Switzerland.


  • Managed operations for the Under-18 Irish Junior National Baseball Team for the team’s trip to the European Championships in Grosetto, Italy.


  • Coming soon!


  • Provided funding to support the Belfast Baseball Academy. The funding was used for indoor facility rentals to establish a new youth baseball team.
  • Collected and shipped donated baseball equipment to East High School in Memphis, TN.