The Baseball United Foundation (BUF) is a non-profit organization based in New York. BUF was founded in 2006 to support the development of amateur baseball programs in Ireland. As our geographical footprint has expanded to other countries, our work in Ireland remains a source of great pride and a central focus.

Baseball in Ireland? Yes!

Ireland has a rich history of bat and ball games — the ancient gaelic sport of hurling is the second most popular sport in Ireland. The game of rounders — a game with significant similarities to baseball — is a popular game with school children. Irish schoolchildren are interested in playing baseball, because of the game’s association with America and because the sport-specific skill of hitting a baseball is familiar to them, thanks to rounders and hurling.

Challenges Facing the Development of Baseball in Ireland

Organized baseball began in Dublin in the early 1990s. But because Ireland lacks the necessary “baseball infrastructure” to support the game, baseball has struggled to expand beyond the metro areas of Dublin and Belfast. Since 2006, we have provided support to amateur and youth baseball programs, especially in rural areas.

The biggest challenges facing the growth of Irish youth baseball are:

  • Lack of volunteer coaches
  • Lack of equipment
  • Lack of fields

Baseball United Foundation: Supporting Irish Baseball Since 2006

Programs and Initiatives:
Shipping Donated Equipment to Ireland
Introducing baseball into Irish primary schools
Bringing young Irish players to America for baseball camps
Sending American coaches to Ireland for baseball camps and clinics
Sending MLB umpires to Ireland to train amateur officials
Providing support for field construction and improvement projects
Providing Remote Video Instruction to players and coaches
Assisting with the recruiting process for Ireland’s Mens and Under-18 National Baseball Teams
Starting and managing logistics for Ireland’s first Under-18 Irish Junior National Baseball Team
Fundraising and Financial Support for amateur leagues and clubs throughout Ireland

Teaching Baseball to Children in Ireland: The BUF Approach

Teaching baseball to children is not an easy task. Even in America, where baseball is one of the most popular spectator sports, the number of children playing baseball is steadily declining in many communities, due in large part to poorly trained volunteer coaches.

The problems faced by youth baseball programs in America are magnified in countries where baseball is not traditionally played. However, Ireland’s rich history of bat and ball games, coupled with the familiarity of Irish children with the game of rounders — the “ancestral sport” of baseball — provides a starting point for teaching the game to children.

If you are an Irish American interested in celebrating the influence of the Irish on the game of baseball, we invite you to join the Irish American Baseball Society. Membership is free. Signup by using the form below. For details, visit IrishBaseball.org.

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