Irish Green Sox Youth Baseball

The Irish Green Sox are a nationwide youth baseball organization. We emphasize player and character development. We value sportsmanship and respect for the game of baseball.

The Green Sox organization has strong ties to Ireland and the Irish American community. An Irish cultural component is part of our baseball program for all players. The Green Sox program is open to all players, regardless of their ancestry.

Interested players and families should fill out the information form at

Irish Cultural Component

The Irish Green Sox youth baseball organization is run by the Baseball United Foundation. Baseball United has been supporting and developing youth baseball in Ireland for over 15 years.

The Green Sox will offer cultural learning opportunities for players, including: 

  • Irish history classes
  • Irish language lessons
  • An introduction to Irish sports, including Gaelic sports
  • Guest speakers from Ireland
  • Trips to Ireland for players and their families
  • Tournaments in Europe

Teams and Tournaments

The Irish Green Sox will form teams throughout the USA. Teams will play in local leagues and in local and regional tournaments. All players will have access to the Irish cultural component of the program.

Training Add-On Option

Players who are already committed to a travel baseball program can join the Irish Green Sox organization for extra training and access to the cultural aspects of the Green Sox program.

Interested Players and Families

If you’re a player or a parent/guardian interested in learning more about the Irish Green Sox, please fill out our information form at