Irish Youth Baseball

Baseball clinic in Limerick, in partnership with Baseball Miracles

Supporting Baseball in Ireland Since 2006

The Baseball United Founded began in 2006 with a mission to support the development of amateur baseball programs in Ireland. Over time, our geographical footprint has expanded to include work in America and other countries, but our work in Ireland remains a source of great pride and a central focus of our work.

We support the development of youth baseball programs in Ireland in several ways, including:

  • Sending coaches to Ireland to run baseball camps and clinics
  • Shipping new and used equipment to our Irish partner organizations
  • Bringing Irish teenagers to America to participate in baseball camps.

Our work in Ireland is possible thanks to partnerships with youth sports organizations who share our vision of helping more boys and girls play baseball throughout Ireland:

Baseball in Schools: A Partnership with Healthy Kidz CIC

Baseball United has introduced baseball to over 2,000 boys and girls in physical education classes in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, through an innovative partnership with Healthy Kidz CIC. Our school-based program teaches the basics of the game —  gameplay and rules, hitting, catching, and throwing — with a focus on generating interest in the game at the grassroots level.

Rounders and Baseball

Many Irish children have a basic understanding of the core concepts of baseball, thanks to their familiarity with rounders, a bat and ball game that is believed to be the predecessor to modern-day baseball. Rounders is played throughout Ireland and is one of the four “Gaelic games” that is overseen by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA).We work in partnership with local GAA Rounders clubs to leverage the similarities between rounders and baseball while providing coaching and equipment. Our goal is to help children succeed at rounders and to consider the possibility of also playing baseball.