The Irish American Baseball Society


The Irish American Baseball Society: Supporting and Celebrating Baseball in Ireland and America!

The Irish American Baseball Society is a non-profit subsidiary of the Baseball United Foundation. Our work includes support and research for a broad range of programs and projects related to the intersection of the Irish American experience and baseball history. Our members are baseball fans with a passion for Ireland. Members include college and professional players, coaches, executives, and fans.

Some notable members of the Irish American Baseball Society include:

  • Steve Garvey, 1974 MVP and World Series Champion
  • Joe McEwing, former Mets and Cardinals fan favorite and bench coach for the Chicago White Sox
  • Dave O’Brien, Red Sox play-by-play announcer
  • Jack Curry, YES Network Yankees analyst
  • Brian McTaggart, Astros reporter for MLB
  • Peter Abraham, Red Sox reporter for the Boston Globe

Supporting the Game in Ireland and the USA

The Irish American Baseball Society is a non-profit subsidiary of the Baseball United Foundation (Federal Tax ID: 20-4623222). Together, we’ve been working  to support and strengthen the game of baseball in Ireland for over 15 years. Our support includes funding youth baseball programs in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Researching the Irish Impact on the Game

We study the impact of Irish immigrants and Irish Americans on the early days of baseball and we celebrate the Irish American influence on today’s game. We also study the history of baseball in Ireland, from the first known Irish baseball game in 1874 to the present day.

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