Play For Ireland’s National Baseball Team

The Baseball United Foundation has a long history of supporting baseball in Ireland, including Ireland’s National Baseball program. We are not affiliated with Baseball Ireland or Ireland’s National Baseball Teams, but we advocate for the fair and equal treatment of all players who are eligible to play for Team Ireland. Scroll down for more information.

Irish Junior National Baseball Team (2017)

Ireland’s National Baseball Team

The first men’s national baseball team in Ireland was formed in 1996. Today, Ireland has three national baseball teams:

  • Ireland Men’s National Team (ages 18+)
  • U18 Junior National Team (ages 15-18)
  • U15 Junior National Team (ages 13-15)

To play for Team Ireland, a player must be a citizen of Ireland and have an Irish passport. Please read below for an overview of the process for obtaining Irish citizenship. Interested players can also fill out an interest form by clicking on the banner:

Irish Citizenship and Foreign Birth Registration

Foreign Birth Registration (FBR) is the process of obtaining Irish citizenship for individuals who have Irish ancestry but were born outside of Ireland. FBR is the most common pathway to Irish citizenship for Irish Americans. In order to qualify for Irish citizenship via Foreign Birth Registration, at least one of the following statements must be true:

  1. One of your parents was an Irish citizen at the time of your birth, or
  2. One of your parents or grandparents was born in Ireland

The information above is provided as a guide and is not legal advice. Please consult an attorney or Ireland’s Department of Foreigh Affairs for more information.

Baseball United Foundation and Baseball in Ireland

The Baseball United Foundation has been working to support and grow the game of baseball in Ireland since 2006.

Baseball United has assisted Ireland’s Men’s National Baseball program with fundraising and recruiting, including helping dozens of Irish American baseball players navigate the Irish citizenship application process so they could represent Ireland on the baseball diamond.

In 2017, Baseball United started the first U18 Irish Junior National Baseball Team with the support of Baseball Ireland, the governing organization of baseball in Ireland.

Players who express interest in playing for Team Ireland, and who can demonstrate that they hold or qualify for Irish citizenship, will be referred to Ireland’s National Baseball program by the Baseball United Foundation.

The Baseball United Foundation advocates for the fair and equal treatment of all interested and qualified baseball players. Baseball United does not make any claims to the talent level or citizenship qualifications of interested players. Baseball United is not responsible for choosing the rosters of Ireland’s National Baseball Team. We invite all players who have, or qualify for, Irish citizenship to fill out a short form to express their interest.

Next Steps For Interested Players

If you or someone you know may qualify to play for Team Ireland, please click here and fill out a short form. Baseball United will present all eligible players to Ireland’s National Baseball program.

Next Steps For Irish Baseball Fans

If you’re interested in supporting the Irish Baseball movement, please consider joining the Irish American Baseball Society.

The Irish American Baseball Society is a US-based non-profit organization that celebrates the contributions of Irish Americans to amateur and professional baseball. We also support youth baseball in Ireland and America. The Irish American Baseball Society is a non-profit subsidiary of the Baseball United Foundation.