Tooltip TextThe Baseball United Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) charity that provides support for the development of baseball programs throughout the world.

In short, our mission is to share the game of baseball. Here are some highlights of the work we’ve done:

Baseball Exchange Program

As part of the Baseball Exchange Program, the foundation regularly sends equipment overseas to youth baseball programs and brings talented young players to America to participate in instructional baseball camps.

Let’s Play Ball

Beginning in 2016, our Let’s Play Ball initiative will provide plastic bats and balls to schools, so that kids can learn the basics of baseball in physical education classes.
Small Ball: A Baseball Program for Beginners

The Bullpen Project

In 2012, the Bullpen Project was created to use baseball for good causes. The first Bullpen Project raised over $20,000 to assist residents in Monmouth County, NJ who were hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

The Baseball United Foundation does not discriminate against any person or group of people in either hiring/employment practices or in the administration of programs and services.