Small Ball

Baseball Instruction for Beginners

Small Ball is a beginner’s baseball program for kids. Small Ball emphasizes teaching basic gameplay while introducing the baseball-specific skills of hitting, throwing, and catching. Players develop their skills at their own pace while learning to play and enjoy the game itself.

The Small Ball program is perfect for beginners and also for players who recently completed their first year of T-ball or coach pitch.

Bring Small Ball To Your Town!

We are actively seeking partners to help us teach the game of baseball to more kids throughout the USA. If you represent a youth league, elementary school, or recreation department, we’d like to hear from you.

Small Ball Methodology

We teach the game of baseball in a holistic way, with an understanding that skill development should be linked to an understanding of gameplay. For example, players learn how to catch a ball with two hands while learning the names and order of the bases.

The Small Ball curriculum breaks down the game into five core areas that are taught simultaneously:

  1. Teamwork and Having Fun
  2. Baserunning
  3. Fielding
  4. Hitting
  5. Throwing

Development in these five areas occurs on a unique timeline for each player. As players progress in their understanding and skill development, they develop an awareness of the game that continues even when they are not playing (ie, watching from the dugout or watching a game on TV). Our hope is that this awareness will help the players in the Small Ball program become lifelong baseball fans.


Here’s What Parents Are Saying About Small Ball:

David (Thornwood, NY)

“Small ball definitely took things to the next level.  Having real coaches focusing on real techniques was a huge benefit.  It also showed me new ways we can approach practice at home.  Also, the coaches created an environment that was more engaging and focused on the sport as opposed to other sports he played.  Would definitely recommend!”

Parent Feedback

Read what parents are saying about Small Ball:

John (Hawthorne, NY)

My son loves baseball, but coming to the small ball clinic has increased his interest and excitement 10 times over. He had a great experience. The staff was great!! Thank you!

Lisa (Pleasantville, NY)

This program has been amazing. I have 2 boys enrolled, ages 6 & 4. They beg for Saturday because they want to go to baseball. The instructors make it fun, exciting, and new. 

Brian (Hawthorne, NY)

This clinic has been tremendous in teaching young children the fundamentals of baseball. And they learn and progress so quickly! I’ve been thoroughly impressed throughout. Top notch!

Kristin (Mt. Pleasant, NY)

“I thought the clinic was well run, organized and my son really enjoyed participating!”